SeptiLoop is a groundbreaking in vitro diagnostic lateral flow assay that takes a new approach to sepsis detection.

 Unlike traditional methods that focus on pathogen identification, our approach measures the status and response of the immune system of the septic patient. SeptiLoop can diagnose bacteremia as early as one hour after infection and throughout all stages of sepsis, enabling healthcare professionals an early detection and timely treatment initiation. 


SeptiLoop offers compelling advantages:

Early Detection

SeptiLoop’s novel approach based on immune activity allows for the detection of sepsis within the first hour of infection.

Enhanced Accuracy

SeptiLoop exhibits a remarkable 3x increase in accuracy compared to current tests

Cost-effective and User-friendly

SeptiLoop is designed as a point-of-care device, eliminating the need for extensive laboratory infrastructure.

Rapid Results

SeptiLoop provides timely results within three hours.


“This project has received funding from CDTI through the aid program for SMEs with the Horizon Europe EIC Accelerator Seal of Excellence”



 Sepsis is the leading cause of hospital deaths worldwide, with approximately 11 million deaths per year. However, there is currently no tool that provides a binary result for the diagnosis of this disease. Therefore, there is a clear need among medical professionals since current detection methods take between 6 hours and two days, rapidly decreasing the survival rate for every hour without treatment. In order to address this global clinical need, Loop DX proposes the development of a new in vitro cellular immunoassay that identifies sepsis after the first hour of bloodstream infection. In this way, SeptiLoop has been conceptualized as a Class C in vitro diagnostic device that will assist emergency physicians in diagnosing sepsis through a fast and objective technology. 

“This project and business plan has received funding from CDTI through the SNEO program supported by Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

Inmunoensayo de flujo lateral apoyado en un motor algorítmico para la identificación de biomarcadores específicos en el diagnóstico de sepsis.

01/02/2022 – 31/12/2022


Our business objective is the development of a diagnostic technology for the early identification of bloodstream infections. We want to offer hospitals a device capable of performing an in vitro diagnosis (IVD) with which they can reduce mortality from this condition, patient side effects, resistance to antibiotics and the cost of managing sepsis.
The timing of diagnosis and treatments are key to controlling the disease: the sooner sepsis is confirmed, the greater the patient’s chances of survival and recovery. Current detection methods to confirm sepsis take between 6 hours and two days and it is for this reason that at Loop DX we work to reduce that detection time.
Our value chain involves designing, developing and implementing our technology to easily integrate it into hospital emergency rooms to offer healthcare professionals involved in the management of patients with sepsis a new tool to improve clinical outcomes.



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Products manufactured by Loop Diagnostics are in the process of obtaining certification of CE marking according to In Vitro Diagnostic Regulations as in vitro diagnostic devices. All pictures of products, packaging and product names disclosed in this website are of prototypes for displaying purposes. The final products are, however, currently unavailable for commercialization, only for research and performance evaluation purposes.

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